3 Signs You Should Hire A Graphic Designer

graphic designer melbourne

My ‘3 signs you should hire a Graphic Designer’ will take you through some common misconceptions and challenge you to really look at your business and evaluate your business needs to establish if there is a need to hire a professional Graphic Designer.

1. Your administrator has been designing fliers in Microsoft Word

As much as she/he loves working for you, your administrator only wears a certain number of hats. She/he has been doing a great job with the copy writing and editing but has no layout or design skills and takes a really long time to put them together. Your administrator is hard working and loyal but their role is not graphic design and the extra pressure to design amazing fliers is getting to her/him. Your administrator may even start to dread coming to work or put in their resignation.

2. your business isn’t growing

Take a step back from your business and look at the workload of yourself and your employees. Are the expectations imposed upon your business reasonable or are you and others doing too much? Can you outsource to elevate the pressure?
Letting go can be difficult – you start a project and you want to finish it/see it through to completion but your business cannot expand whilst you are doing everything yourself.

3. your aesthetic is pathetic

Your marketing materials are not generating buzz online, not generating leads; your logo looks out dated and your fliers were designed in word processing software. Cheap graphics may be cheap but do you want to put the message out that ‘your business is cheap?’. A good graphic designer will create an aesthetic for your business and keep it consistent, high quality and innovate as design trends change.

Take the pressure off yourself, your staff and stakeholders and hire a Graphic Designer now.



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