What Business Owners Should Look For In An Online Graphic Designer

You have done your research and have made the decision to outsource your graphic design work to an online graphic designer. You may have got a few quotes from a few different design companies but no one you are really excited about. Great graphic design will help your business reach its marketing goals with its own identity that reflects your values and resonates with your audience. So where do you start looking? What do you need to look for when choosing an online Graphic Designer?

your plan

Set out your plan. There is an infinite number of talented graphic designers online all very creative but not all are created equal; functional design with practical applications is very important to your business so what are your business design needs and goals? How will your online graphic designer reach these goals and in what time frame? Sit down and consider your graphic design needs before approaching talent.


Firstly, view their portfolio and get a feel for their design aesthetic.
Look for design portfolios that display a broad range and variety of work in a range of different industries; this tells you that the graphic designer has experience. Look for work that could represent your business, have they done any work for similar businesses in your industry? You want the online graphic designer you hire to understand your audience and blend well with your aesthetic. Do you like their work?


Read their blog. Everyone who’s anyone these days has their own blog and uses it to promote themselves and their skill set. This is a fantastic way for you to get to know your designer. If you find yourself reading and learning from their blog posts, then they likely have much to offer your business. If your going to engage an online Graphic Designer to represent your business, engage with theirs.

social media

Google the designer and check out their social media. Does the designer use social media to display their work or do they offer advise and tips to their audience? Check out LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and whatever else comes up in your search results. Social media is a terrific source of design inspiration and networking for designers so get stuck in and get to know your designer.


Send through an enquiry or give them a call and see how long it takes them to respond and how they respond; are they professional? Think about how their response might affect their overall service provided to your business and what you need from them support/communication wise.

not all designers are created equal

Not all designers are created equal so look for your online graphic designer based on the  overall experience you have with them. How well do they represent themselves to you? Lastly, its up to you who represents your business so do your ground work and get a feel for the designer. If you decide to meet them in person or call them, your going to get a feel for their personality and tone and you’ll make up your mind based on all of these factors.





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