What should I write about in my Blog?

My little sister recently set-up her own website and asked me “what should I write about in my blog? I’ve been blogging for many years now so I said to her “what do you want to write about? What’s your passion and what do you want to share with the world?”

She said…

“I want to write about makeup and inspire people to be beautiful on the inside as well as out”.

So I said…

“Great! So why not start by introducing yourself and your makeup business to set your blogs tone and give it a voice”.

Find Your Voice

If you are blogging on own personal website write about you!

Firstly, start writing and you will find your voice…

Blogging for Personal Gain

You can share your experiences and skills; what makes you special or different? Bloggers these days strategically use their blogs more like a personal Resume to attract potential employers and clients.

Blogging for Business

If your blogging on your businesses website, you can write about your business and introduce your blog – what are you an expert in? What can you offer your customers? You could also incorporate your mission and vision statements (in a personable way). Remember with your businesses blog to be mindful of your audience and the level of professionalism expected.

A great example of an opening blog post: https://www.sarahcliffordillustration.com/blog/2016/4/23/my-first-blog-post.

Your voice is important

Everyone writes differently so don’t be concerned with writing the way someone else does. Bare in mind that people reading blogs like relatable content, so be yourself and write in your own voice.

Blog Post Inspiration

You can write a blog post literally about anything!

If your stuck for ideas:

  • Write a list.
  • Write a ‘How to…’ guide or tutorial.
  • Write a Story.
  • Write a Poem.
  • Write a review or analysis of a product, service or someone else’s post. Whether positive or negative, don’t be afraid to have an honest opinion.
  • Interview someone.
  • Write about anything your passionate about and use examples from relevant sources.
  • Write about anything you are a subject matter expert in so others with an interest in the subject will read.
  • Write about your views and don’t be scared to voice an opinion.
  • Write about your life or insert personal experiences into your posts to add colour and intrigue to your writing.
  • Write an inspirational or motivational post with images or quotes.
  • Create and post a clever infographic.

You can write as little or as much as you like. Not every post has to be a novel.

Use links to relevant content that makes your point or enhances your post in some way, include images, link your WordPress blog to social media to optimise your readership and include tags to allow Google to find your content.

I won’t go into optimisation in this post as it’s such an enormous topic all on its own. However I’d recommend optimising each blog post or you may not be found by your target audience.

Connect with your readers

Respond to your reader comments on posts. You don’t have to respond to all comments but respond when required or a question is asked.

If you get stuck …

There are lots of great blog topic generator tools online you can use for inspiration as well. Try: https://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator.

So now you have the tools to get started, get blogging!