Embrace the Lace Dream Catchers!

I don’t know why but I am so in love with these beautiful, feminine, handmade lace dream catchers!

If you have never seen these before, I first saw these at a market in country Victoria (I frequent markets these days, thanks to my wonderful Mother In-Law!) and they are so beautiful and each so different from the last. Plus I love feathers! Did I mention some have feathers?

These are absolutely stunning for weddings; delicate and feminine but also very fashionable right now. I have never liked doilies and this is such a fantastic way to reinvent an old ladies doilie collection.

lace dreamcatchers design trend

So i know you love them as much as I do and want to know where you can buy them:

Dreamcatcher Collective

Natalie’s Leather & Lace Dream catchers 

www.etsy.com.au – handmade marketplace. Just search “lace dream catchers”. But be warned this one is very addictive!

If you are more of a DIY kinda person (like me) then check this tutorial by Mura Boutique: DIY Dreamcatchers

Or here by Happiness is Home: Lace Vintage Dreamcatchers

So whimsical and much fun, enjoy!










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