SEO and Marketing

With extensive experience designing for social media and online platforms, we are well versed in search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website.

We can:

  • analyse your WordPress website;
  • set you up with baseline SEO;
  • provide you with an SEO report with current SEO position and recommendations for your website going forward;
  • implement changes to maximise your SEO position and bring more traffic to your website through major search engines.

We also offer marketing services to compliment your business operations including:

  • online marketing including;
  • EDMs i.e. Mail Chimp email campaigns;
  • Data i.e. data entry and surveys (Survey Monkey);
  • EDM and Survey reporting and analysis;
  • print marketing;
  • provide you with a marketing and communications report outlining you current marketing activities and giving you marketing recommendations.

To get started optimising your website today, please get in touch!